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Our Services

Lush Leaf Creations is an Interior Plant Service. We offer a weekly service to maintain your interior plants, repot plants, and create orchid arrangements!

When meeting a new potential client I offer a free consultation to come look at your space and assess what can survive and thrive in your environment. We talk about and design what the client wants and offer my suggestions.

When hiring us, we come once a week to maintain and service your interior plants, outdoor pots, living walls, and more.

We offer a wide variety of pots and containers for purchase. 

We offer a service to design and plant your outdoor pots. We also offer to maintain your new plants weekly.

We create beautiful orchid arrangements for all types of spaces, including: office spaces, commercial spaces, and living spaces.

Lush Leaf Creations can beautify any space whether it be at home or in a commercial office building!

We also offer landscape design. We have the crews and the resources to come re-landscape your backyard, front yard, or commercial space. From irrigation to turf, we do it all.

Contact Us

Contacting us is easy! Call or text us at 805.512.5790 or email us using the form below!